We give you the choice among 5 rooms, all of them equipped with a queen bed and a beautiful view on the river

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The Azur room is an oasis of serenity. Let any sign of stress disappear, and relax in the ancestral decor on the garden level. It has one queen bed, a private bathroom and a private terrace. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ambiance.


Ideal for a family of four, Marguerite is equipped with a queen-size bed and a double-bed. It has a private bathroom, and adequate space for a family to relax after a day of activities. It boasts a cathedral ceiling and a fantastic view.


The Monarque (butterfly) room will capture you with its soft rustic and romantic flavour. Located on the garden level, it is furnished with a queen bed, a private bathroom and a private patio. The decor and ambiance will gently flutter through your dreams.


The Vanille room is filled with an aura of romance and escape. The atmosphere suggests a transformation of attitude to include the individual’s own feelings. You have a choice of a private bathroom, or you can share it with the room next to it as a family suite,. Your choice! Equipped with a queen-size bed, this room has two windows which provide a panoramic view of the St. Lawrence river, the countryside, and the Laurentian mountains.